This production was certainly one of the highlights of the year so far!

My first experience of Glyndebourne – and it was simply incredible. Thanks to the Under 30s Scheme I decided to give it a go – after all you can’t go wrong with a ticket at over £100 off the full price!

Sadly the weather didn’t play along so I couldn’t get the full Glyndebourne Package with picnic in the garden etc. Nevertheless I had the Ha-Ha-Tea before the performance and then a full three course meal during the interval. I can now totally understand what all the fuss is about as I am already checking next year’s schedule to repeat this glorious day out!

Enough about the little things on the side – down to the nitty gritty bits…

Tom Pye’s stage design was simple but very appealing and versatile. A big tree was the centre of all action. And what an illustrious tree that was – I wouldn’t mind sharing with those animal there!

All characters were so beautifully portrayed and every animal was clearly recognisable – the chicken and the cockerel were the most humorous bunch of them all – running over the stage in their little pink fluffy outfits. I could certainly go on about all the little side kicks that were integrated into the whole thing – also in regards to the English translation of the Czech text – very much with a pinch of salt and very contemporary.

Vixen Sharp Ear, sung by Elena Tsallagova, was mesmerising. Her stage presence was incredible and every little gesture well placed. Especially the hanky-panky with the fox, Alžbĕta Poláčková, was beautiful. Even though the Forester’s Wife, Sarah Pring, only had a short apperance but it is the second I have seen her name appear in a program before this year.

The London Philharmonic Orchestra was in top form under the baton of Jakub Hrůša bringing Leoš Janáčeks’ music to life! The passages without any singing were filled with beautiful dances of frogs and dragonflies.

Whilst the official trailer ( gives you a bit of an idea it definitely does not do the production any justice… a very clear, playful and clever production that is well worth a visit!


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