… proves to be impossible which is one of the beauties I love about opera. Everybody is so obsessed with sharing every second of their lives and it is still great to see that there are camera free moments in existance…

Yet, usually one does get an itch in their camera finger when there beautiful architectural features on display. So whenever I am visiting a new city and I have plenty of time to look around tours through local opera houses and other concert venues are always a must when they are available. That way you get a unique insight into this well oiled machinery and take the one or other sneaky shot…

I still remember the first Open Day at the Semperoper Dresden, Germany. They open ALL doors and you do get to see everything – an absolute dream! Costumes, wig making, make up, rehearsal stage, a “Ballet Performance” of all the technical equipment on stage… anything you can imagine. One of my favourite moments at the Semperoper was standing on the stage 5 minutes before curtains up of a ballet evening, after watching the dancers warm up.

Those are moments that stay with you forever and no picture can ever give you that feeling…

Nevertheless, on visiting the Metropolitan Opera in NYC, Operaen in Oslo, Palais Garnier in Paris to name a few I did manage to take a few shots. There is a German saying – die Bretter, die die Welt bedeuten – the stage that means the world. In a way this not only stands for the stage itself but the whole building – imagine all the rich and famous that have walked across the same carpet, took the same stairs, held on to the same railings… step into an opera house and it is like the world is standing still. The Grandeur of the interiors of especially of older European buildings is breathtaking. Oslo Opera House has an enchanting quality about it – the harmony of wood and glass – land and water… Every building tells its own story and captivates every person in a different way…


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