Following on their spectacular evening concert was a celebration of Brazilian popular music… Retrato do Brasil – 100 years of Brazilian Popular Music

Katie Derham introduced an evening that surely none of the people in the audience will forget that quickly…. The Sao Paula Symphony Orchestra doing a double bill back to back – takes quite some stamina to pull this off. On stage they were joined by musicians of the Sao Paulo Jazz Symphony Orchestra who livened up the brass and percussion section. Marin Alsop introduced the individual piece with a little bit of background. BBC also quite recently showed a little documentary on the “Girl from Ipanema” where the very interesting history of Brazilian Music in combination with the political situation was analysed a little so it was interesting to have some of those facts picked up on a little.

The musicians were just having so much fun with each other – I mean – you can’t get it any better if you have someone play their own music. Gabriela Montero also couldn’t resist to come back on stage and play another little improvisation and then leading the orchestra into Garota de Ipanema… just absolutely beautiful.

Alsop was just a pleasure to watch – she has such a feel for contemporary music (one of her teachers was Bernstein) and she led the orchestra with such ease through fiendishly challenging arrangements, having said that, the rhythms are second nature for them anyway.

An absolute feel good evening leaving you with a spring in your step and it was refreshing to see such a camaraderie and ¬†close bond between the musicians and their conductor… if it wouldn’t have been 11:30pm by the time they finished their second encore they probably would’ve carried on for a bit longer….


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