Three consecutive concerts by one choir – quite and achievement! It was exhausting enough as a listener can only imagine what it was like for the singers!

Yet again another lunch time prom at Cadogan Hall – this time with pieces by Shostakovich. After my last one here at the hall celebrating Finnish independence todays concert was part of the commemorations of the Russian Revolution. Shostakovich is such an incredibly versatile composer who definitely did not have an easy life… living in todays day and age in a country where you don’t have to worry to much about what you do and how you say things makes one feel privileged…

The concert was a mix of preludes and fugues and a capella choral pieces. Having grown up listening and playing Bachs preludes and fugues it was very refreshing to hear a Russian take on this quite structured form. Alexander Melnikov brought them very much alive. Even though just having the piano does leave the pianist rather exposed and every little mishap will be heard….

The choir, just like the night before, were on top form. Within Cadogan Hall they were almost to powerful with their voices! It was great to hear them perform something more energetic. Their dynamics were rather impressive – another great hour spent!


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