Another interesting evening ahead…. This time with more Lalo, Falla and Saint-Saens.The first bar of the Falla certainly transported one straight to Spain! El Amor Brujo was something else! I had never heard the piece before and it conjured up some imagery whilst listening to it – couldn’t quite put it into words but the colouring is very vivid and each one of the 12 individual parts are varied. Stephanie d’Oustrace was a superb choice of soloist – even though sitting in the choir seats does have its disadvantage that the soloists are litte more difficult to hear. But her passion still came across and her depth and warmth was perfectly suited to this passionate piece! Another revelation and new discovery for me – one of the main reasons why I love going to the Proms…

The second piece of the night was Lalo’s Symphonie espagnole. Another unknown piece for me. Joshua Bell was the soloist. It was another great listen! Dedicated to Sarasate the violin part was quite fiendishly in places but if anyone can handle it it is Bell! The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra were providing a great counterpart for the piece and colouring it in nicely. Though it must be said that the piece felt a lot less “Spanish” compared to the Falla. Joshua Bells rendition of Meditation de Thais as an encore rounded the first half off nicely.

After the interval it was time for the Organ Symphony by Saint-Saens. It was partially the reason why I went to the concert. With Cameron Carpenter playing the Queen of Instruments it certainly was a piece to go through the body – sitting in the choir seats. However, it was rather distracting a little to watch him during the concert. Listening back to the concert I can appreciate the piece a lot more. He was yawning and daddling around which was a little iritating to see and then resulted in me feeling that the drive from the orchestra was missing a little. Regardless, it was still a great performance but it had the potential to be mindblowing!

Another disadvantage of sitting in the choir seats is that you are much more susceptible to any noises the conductor makes! During the Falla the lady next to me and I were irritated by some weird, duck like sounding noise – until we figured out that it was Charles Dutoit huffing and puffing with the orchestra… sadly this is one of the noises that you can’t unhear once you have tuned into it…


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