The Swing Prom – by now a staple in my “Proms Diet” so I was very excited about this Sunday afternoon treat…Clare Teal was heading proceedings and the Guy Barker and Winston Rollins Big Bands were ready and buzzing on stage. This year the title of the concert was Swing No End with an array of guests joining in on stage. Little snippets of Swing history nicely presented by Clare made it a very informative concert. By now I also recognise a fair few of the musicians from other orchestras which always makes a bit more fun to “spot the face”…

One of the standout soloist joining in was no doubt Hiromi on the piano. With a spotlight shining on Mary Lou Williams and her rather understated role in the swing world Hiromi was absolutely rocking the piano! WOW! I felt sorry for the person who had to tune it afterwards….. absolutely spectacular! Such an energy and expertise on the ivories – mindboggling!

Pee Wee Ellis on tenor sax was another one of my personal highlights…. obviously still a player from the “older generation” he really made his instrument sing – made you wish to go back in time and be in those smoky haunts where it all started and grew.

There was definitely a fair bit of friendly rivalry going on between the trumpets and the trombones of the respective bands…. it was so much fun watching the musicians having a blast and getting a bit of a break from the normally a little more subdued atmosphere in classical concerts… a fun afternoon where you left with a Swing in your step….


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