On The Waterfront – I heard the music probably a good 9 years ago or so at a concert in Dresden and I just remember being totally emersed in the sound world and being totally mesemerised…Since I have listened to various recordings and was very excited to see it pop up on the programme.

The piece opened the evening and I certainly was not disappointed! An American orchestra playing an American composer is usually a good combination… it was so great to have the music build up the climax with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra being on top form.

For the second piece of the evening, Coplands Lincoln Portrait, Charles Dance joined the orchestra as the narrator. A very very poignant piece of music – especially put into contemporary context. It was a very interesting piece of music – no doubt very American – but absolutely beautiful and moving. Copland is one of the composers that I am really intrigued by and will do more research on him and his music…

Tchaikovsky’s 5th Symphony was the crowning glory of this evening. It is an emotionally draining piece with lovely lyrical melodies and the musicians were superb. Even though there were the odd moments here and there were tiredness kicked in ever so slightly and the notes weren’t 100% but still it was a beautifully sweeping performance. Langree has a great connection with the orchestra and they were enjoying their Proms debut very much – in the interval and before the concerts they were taking pictures on stage and it clearly was a big deal for them… hopefully they will be back for more concerts over the coming seasons…


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