Prom 52 – Late Night Prom – Season 2016

Following on their spectacular evening concert was a celebration of Brazilian popular music… Retrato do Brasil – 100 years of Brazilian Popular Music Read more


Prom 51 – Season 2016

Olympics over – but Brazil is in London (including the temperatures!!!!) The Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra was back again under the baton of the Chief Conductor Marin Alsop – that concert was earmarked straightaway after the Proms programme came out as I have a bit of an attachment to the Orchestra but more to that afterwards…. Read more

Prom 31 – Season 2016

Thomas Dausgaard – I have a quite special relationship to him… He was the conductor at my personal inaugural Prom Concert back in 2010. Back then he was at the Hall with the Danish National Symphony Orchestra playing Rued Langgaard’s Music of the Spheres and I have a few very pleasant memories from this concert. Therefore I was very pleased to see him again on the programme. This time though he was heading up the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra. Read more

Prom 24 – Season 2016

Why did no one tell me about Britten’s Piano Concerto earlier?!?  Such a beautiful piece of music!

But let’s start at the beginning… The BBC Philharmonic were on stage with a full on force of percussion section for the first piece of the evening – the London premiere of Alberto Ginasteras Ollantay. And what a start to the evening to meant! The South American composer is not an unknown name for me personally – I have previously heard is Estancia and I quite like his music, there is a certain charisma about his music. Based on the Incan legend of Ollantay it took you on quite a journey – and a noisy one at that! It was a beautiful mesmerising performance. Another great new discovery. Read more

Prom 21 -Season 2016

Whilst the programme for this particular concert was not the deciding factor the orchestra was the main reason for getting this ticket.

After having seen excerpts of the Prom that the Aurora Orchestra did last year I was intrigued by the concept of playing without scores. Read more